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Horror June 2014
"It is the strange fate of man, that even in the greatest of evils the fear of the worst continues to haunt him."
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), German writer
New and Recently Released!
A Man Came Out of a Door in the Mountain: A Novel - by Adrianne Harun
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 02/25/2014
Share A Man Came Out of a Door in the Mountain%3a A Novel ISBN-13: 9780670786107
ISBN-10: 0670786101
One summer in a remote logging town in British Columbia, five teenaged friends -- Leo, Jackie, Bryan, Ursula, and Tessa -- are becoming concerned by the recent disappearances of young women along the highway. Then a couple of strangers arrive. One of them, an oddly pale girl called Hana Swann, suggests to Bryan that he might seek revenge on a malicious drug dealer and his thugs, while another, a magician called Kevin Seven, introduces Ursula to sleight of hand. The scent of evil builds along with Kevin and Hana's influence until it's nearly too late to foil their devilish plot, in a "debut that will please fans of the macabre" (Library Journal).
Code Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel - by Jonathan Maberry
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 03/25/2014
Share Code Zero%3a A Joe Ledger Novel ISBN-13: 9781250033437
ISBN-10: 1250033438
The zombie warriors introduced in the 1st book in the Joe Ledger series, Patient Zero, are back. These enhanced versions of the walking dead were created by a cybercrook who aims to hack into America's energy grid and take control. In Code Zero, the 6th in this series, the hackers soon become the least of Ledger's worries as the returning zombie hordes begin spreading a plague that turns people into raging killers. Techno-warrior Ledger and his cohort must take heroic measures to save America once again. You don't need to read the previous Joe Ledger books to enjoy Code Zero, but you might want to pick them up anyway.
XOM-B - by Jeremy Robinson
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 04/29/2014
Share XOM-B ISBN-13: 9781250031716
ISBN-10: 1250031710
Quasi-human Freeman is a remarkably perceptive scientist in the near future, when a disease is spreading that changes people into zombies whose bites then infect others. Freeman is frantically searching for a cure, when he stumbles upon the originators of the plague -- a secret group within the government who call themselves the Masters and who aim to enslave everyone. Working with a few friends, Freeman leads the effort to stop the Masters, eliminate the plague, and assure freedom for all. For more near-future zombie tales that involve government conspiracies, read Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy, starting with Feed.
I Remember You: A Ghost Story - by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 03/25/2014
Share I Remember You%3a A Ghost Story ISBN-13: 9781250045621
ISBN-10: 1250045622
In parallel narratives, I Remember You recounts an investigation into vandalism in a school classroom and the efforts of three friends to renovate an old cottage they plan to make into a guesthouse. The trio soon find that the old building is in worse shape than they had anticipated…but that's nothing compared with the resistance they encounter from a ghost. Meanwhile, the psychiatrist who's looking into the classroom's trashing finds creepy similarities with a 60-year-old incident in the same room. Author Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, better known for her dark detective stories, gradually weaves the two narratives together in a ghost tale that fans of John Ajvide Lindqvist will love.
The Hunger and the Howling of Killian Lone - by Will Storr
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 03/11/2014
Share The Hunger and the Howling of Killian Lone ISBN-13: 9781476730431
ISBN-10: 1476730431
Would an aspiring chef sell his soul to the devil in order to rise to the top of the cut-throat restaurant business? The Hunger and the Howling of Killian Lone offers a recipe for this possibility. Bringing together Killian Lone, a talented apprentice with a witch for an ancestor, the brutal Max Mann, Killian's restaurateur-idol, and a secret ingredient that Killian discovers, author Will Storr serves up a gothic yarn realistically set in a restaurant kitchen. Horror fans and people who love chef programs on television will enjoy this "palatable novel about ambition, human fallibility and revenge" (Kirkus Reviews) -- though there are a few gross-out passages that some might find disturbing.
Cursed! Haunted! Possessed!
Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story - by Clive Barker
Publisher: Harper
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 10/27/2009
Share Coldheart Canyon%3a A Hollywood Ghost Story ISBN-13: 9780061769054
ISBN-10: 0061769053
In Coldheart Canyon, film actor Todd Pickett buys an out-of-the way mansion where he can retreat to recuperate from incompetent plastic surgery -- but the mansion harbors more than Todd and his agent bargained for. Not only is a 1920s femme fatale still there -- and as beautiful as ever -- but also her manager, who had helped her install an enchanted mural imported from Romania. The mural's brutal, sexually explicit hunt scene comes to life whenever new prey arrives, and many of those victims are still in the mansion, too. Author Clive Barker makes the border between reality and fantasy very tenuous as he chillingly explores the psychology of evil and the nature of courage.
Cold Fire - by Dean Koontz
Publisher: Berkley Books
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 12/30/2004
Share Cold Fire ISBN-13: 9780425199589
ISBN-10: 0425199584
In this "swift psychospiritual adventure" (Kirkus Reviews), reporter Holly Thorne notices that Jim Ironheart has accomplished several spectacular rescues in the space of six months. The rescues involve Jim's intuiting a dangerous situation, sometimes far away, and getting to the scene in time to avert disaster. As she digs into the story, Holly begins having strange dreams in which an alien monster appears. What do the dreams have to do with Jim? Where does he get his special ability? The pair work together to find the explanation of Jim's unusual form of possession as the suspense in this twisting tale builds to a surprising conclusion.
Dracula: The Un-Dead - by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt
Publisher: New American Library
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 10/05/2010
Share Dracula%3a The Un-Dead ISBN-13: 9780451230515
ISBN-10: 0451230515
This sequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula, cowritten by his great-grandnephew and a Dracula buff, revives the curse 25 years after the original events of the story, bringing back many of the original characters and creating new mayhem. Quincey Harker, the son of original characters Mina and Jonathan (who had kept Quincey in the dark about their adventures), investigates what's behind the renewed attacks. With its suspense-filled plot and appearances by real-life figures including Jack the Ripper, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Bathory (a 16th-century countess who bathed in the blood of maidens), and Bram Stoker himself, Dracula: The Un-Dead will appeal to fans of Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian.
Mr. X - by Peter Straub
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 07/01/2000
Share Mr. X ISBN-13: 9780449149904
ISBN-10: 0449149900
Thirty-five-year-old Ned Dunstan, who has a premonition that his mother is dying in his hometown of Edgerton, Illinois, travels there and finds her in the ICU, where she imparts some family secrets. Finding himself immersed in a complex universe of strange phenomena, mystical beings, a shadowy doppelganger, and his own father, who calls himself "Mr. X," Ned must learn the truth about the shadow that possesses him and confront it before he himself is destroyed. With its eerie parallels to H.P. Lovecraft's Chthulhu Mythos (and his gothic prose), homages to Stephen King and Shirley Jackson, and a kitchen-sinkful of poltergeists and other manifestations, Mr. X provides an "invigorating horror read" (Publishers Weekly).
Bedbugs - by Ben H. Winters
Publisher: Quirk Books
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 09/06/2011
Share Bedbugs ISBN-13: 9781594745232
ISBN-10: 1594745234
Delighted with their surprisingly cheap apartment in a Brooklyn Heights brownstone, Alex and Susan Wendt happily settle in with their young daughter Emma. Susan has eagerly anticipated having her own studio space, and she sets to work painting…until a horrible smell emerges in the room, and her paintings appear mysteriously altered. When bedbug bites appear on her arm, her sense of unease increases, especially when the exterminator claims there are no bugs -- but Susan can see them! Be warned: Library Journal says you should keep "an eye out for those squirmy little buggers" while reading this one.
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